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Flying with the Flock: Broncos at Ravens Game Summary

Who Covered?

Broncos at Ravens (-9.5) (o/u 4o)

Ravens 10 - Broncos 9

ATS (Broncos +9.5)


Over/Under (+/- 40)

UNDER (19 Total Points)


Broncos at Ravens Game Summary

BRONCOS AT RAVENS GAME SUMMARY - This was dangerously close to being the worst Ravens game I’ve ever watched.

Had it not been for some last-second Tyler Huntley heroics, this week would have been absolutely miserable. For as bad as it was, I can’t help but feel like Baltimore dodged a bullet, perhaps an entire magazine.

They somehow stole a win scoring only 3 points in the first 59 minutes of game action. But the true near miss made the season flash before the eyes of every Ravens fan.

When Lamar Jackson went down with an apparent knee injury, it seemed the football gods were intent on smiting all joy. But their lightning bolt was apparently non-fatal because Lamar Jackson’s season will resume sometime in the next few weeks. Until then, the Ravens’ goal is merely survival.

Defensive Dominance

Let’s start with the positive; the defense.

The Broncos’ offense is far and away the worst in the league, but that doesn’t mean a shutout is a given. Baltimore’s offense did the defense no favors with multiple costly turnovers, one of which situated Denver in plus territory.

But each time the Ravens defense answered the bell and held Denver from ever entering the redzone. This success was helped in part at least, by one of the season’s only Odafe Oweh sightings. He notched his second sack of the season midway through the fourth quarter, ending a Denver drive.

The 2021 first round pick has struggled this season, so perhaps his sack will provide a confidence boost and be a step in the right direction.


Justin Houston’s bizarre stretch of playing like the defensive player of the year has come to a close as he’s regressed to a level you’d expect of a 33-year old pass rusher. The front four lacks an elite edge presence, so consistent pressure has to be schemed up with blitzes and stunts.

David Ojabo’s pending return could offer some assistance in that area, but it’s unfair to heap expectations onto a second round rookie coming off a torn achilles. A rookie who’s already exceeded my expectations is Kyle Hamilton.

After a shaky preseason that raised questions about his tackling and agility, Hamilton’s play has visibly improved. Instead of second-guessing and chopping his feet, he’s playing smooth, blowing up blockers and ball carriers alike. When Marcus Williams returns, this defense will be stupidly fast and talented.

The Fall of the Roman Empire

Okay, that’s enough optimism let’s talk about the offense. This Broncos at Ravens game was an eye opener. Greg Roman needs to go.

He is one of the best run game coordinators in the entire league, but his passing scheme is unacceptable at best and dangerous at worst. Roman must’ve been up late the night before on a zoom interview with Stanford because the playcalling in this game was horrendous.

Take for example the play that nearly cost Lamar Jackson his season. It was a long-developing play-action pass play in which Lamar dropped 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. When he finally set his feet to pass, there wasn’t a single receiver facing him making themselves available. Even his checkdown Gus Edwards was still running to his spot.

Meanwhile, Greg Roman had assigned tight end Josh Oliver to single-handedly block Broncos’ outside linebacker Jonathan Cooper. Of course, Cooper blows by Oliver and awkwardly brings down Lamar from behind.

Endless Examples

Another instance of the passing game’s incompetence came early in the third quarter, where, on a second and 7, well within Tucker’s field goal range, the Ravens’ called what was supposed to be the go ahead score. Up in the box, Greg Roman must’ve been absolutely beside himself, rubbing his hands together with mischievous delight, thinking he had dialed up a game-winning Philly Special, only for the play to backfire in epic fashion.

From the jump it was a clunky play, as Huntley and Duvernay weren’t on the same page resulting in an awkward hot potato handoff. From there, Duvernay flipped the ball back to James Proche who confidently patted the ball as he set his feet and blindly hurled it into triple coverage where it was intercepted.

During the Lamar era I’ve gone back and forth on whether Roman should be let go, but now I’m certain we need a new look. Ideally Roman would accept a demotion to become the league’s best run game coordinator, but that will never happen. I wish him the best wherever he goes and appreciate all he’s done to unlock and develop Lamar, but it’s time for a fresh face who can evolve this offense.

Final Thoughts

Every game from here on out will be a dogfight; four division opponents in five remaining weeks ensures this.

By defeating the Chiefs the Bengals definitively proved they’re the best team in the division (right now); unfortunately for them, the standings say otherwise.

If Cincy drops one more game and the Ravens win out, Baltimore can rest their starters and lock up a home playoff game in week 18. In a Ravens season riddled with uncertainty, where this team seemingly has the same probability to win or lose out, the only thing we know is that this final stretch is going to be ridiculous.

Final Grade


Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, 12/11 at 12:00 pm on CBS



















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