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College Football Analysts Standings as of Week 2 (ATS)

By: Jack Fredericks

There’s a reason those Vegas casinos look so shiny. Your crack team of college football analysts woke up yesterday feeling locked in and ready to send off a fantastic slate of no-doubt winners. We circled the games, did the research, ate a huge breakfast, then proceeded to get annihilated. I punched an incredible 2-10 ticket after losing every single prop bet, every over, and every under. Duke and UTSA saved me from certain disaster. Nate fared just as well going 1-4-1, but he assures his readers that he won a slew of games he was too nervous to put in writing. We have no proof of that. We’re all feeling a but like Jimbo these days. Check out the pathetic standings below!

Thru Week 2 RecordsWinsLossesPushWinning %

Nate would also like to submit that he was right about App. State.


  • Jack Fredericks brings his many years of experience watching lame stream sports in between campaigning for Democratic nominees in the Deep South. His expertise in gambling extends to how to lose thousands of dollars playing video blackjack, how to google “what’s a spread mean, again?” every time he has to write an analysis, and how to pick NBA games with ferocious accuracy. Jack Fredericks contributes frequently to GodzillaWins as one of the Chief Analysts. He combines his unique brand of liberal politics, gonzo humor, and refusal to do research with erudite prose to provide expert picks on games he has no business wagering.


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