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College Football Analysts Standings as of Week 2 (ATS)

By: Jack Fredericks

There’s a reason those Vegas casinos look so shiny. Your crack team of college football analysts woke up yesterday feeling locked in and ready to send off a fantastic slate of no-doubt winners. We circled the games, did the research, ate a huge breakfast, then proceeded to get annihilated. I punched an incredible 2-10 ticket after losing every single prop bet, every over, and every under. Duke and UTSA saved me from certain disaster. Nate fared just as well going 1-4-1, but he assures his readers that he won a slew of games he was too nervous to put in writing. We have no proof of that. We’re all feeling a but like Jimbo these days. Check out the pathetic standings below!

Thru Week 2 Records Wins Losses Push Winning %
Jack 9 17 0 35%
Nate 5 9 2 32%

Nate would also like to submit that he was right about App. State.


  • Jack Fredericks, Editor

    Jack Fredericks is the editor of Godzilla Wins. He has a M.A. Literature and the Environment and a M.A. in Teaching. He covers the NFL, college football, and the NBA. He combines his unique perspective with advanced metrics to provide robust analysis for your enjoyment. Twitter: @JohnMattFred

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